What is Foundations?

Foundations enables teams to store, version, anchor, and sign documents in the cloud for any project. Foundations ensures everyone on the project has complete visibility of the history, ownership, and signatories of records, leading to faster issue resolution and simple handovers.

Foundations is integrated into Procore, the all-in-one construction management software. This integration enables a layer of proof to be added to all your construction records.

How does Foundations Work?

Foundations uses the Factom blockchain to keep proofs accurate and trustworthy. By storing every document‘s ‘fingerprint’ as blockchain entry, the documents content is kept private while still allowing anyone to verify that the document they hold matches the anchored version.

Any change to a document, even a single character or formatting change, can be detected, while every version of your document can be anchored in the same chain, allowing each version to be identified within Foundations, and building a verifiable audit trail with every anchored version.

Digital Signing of Documents

Documents can be signed by installing the Foundations mobile app onto your smartphone or tablet. Signatures are cryptographically created on the device using a Digital Identity (DID) stored on the Factom blockchain.  This method of signing connects the document, user, and device together into a secure signature that cannot be faked.

How do I get Foundations?

Users can download the Foundations mobile app to their smartphone or tablet from the iOS and Android app stores. Once installed, the app allows users to sign documents cryptographically, creating an encrypted ecosystem that keeps your files private and protected.