Digital signatures and contactless agreements to facilitate business from home or at a distance, across all your devices.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Using Verifiable Credentials, we can convert a physical ID card into a digital one inside your Smartphone - hidden safely behind your stored biometrics.

For businesses we offer a full set of features for requesting signatures, creating templates and forms, managing contacts and handling documents.

Blockchain allows us to sign any type of file - that means not only documents and contracts like legacy technology, but also signed images, QR codes, audio - literally any piece of data -  which opens up a world of possibilities.

Levergaing this, we can vote, collect, agree, deliver, decide anything we choose to.

For example, our work with the United States Department of Homeland Security to secure the origins of raw material imports.

Interact with any type of data

If theres one takeaway, it’s this: With Factom, we have a new technology that allows us to deliver trusted, versatile signatures — 5x cheaper than before.

Signatures that can tackle innovative use cases, enter emerging markets, and compete in established ones.